COVID-19 Brand Support

COVID-19 Brand Support

The pandemic has presented many businesses with challenges as well as opportunities and we have realized that brands will have changing needs and preferences as a result, to either weather the storm and stay relevant or to get innovative with the evolving trends, new businesses or new products/services.

Driven by our mission to grow the next generation of relevant brands, we are constantly looking for ways to provide value-added solutions that will help startups and emerging brands achieve their brand and marketing objectives.

That’s why we put together a suite of tailored solutions to help brands grow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Free Brand Consultancy

We will converse with you to understand the problems COVID-19 has caused your already existing brand or new business idea and propose ways that will help your brand scale during this period.

Discounted Services

We offer you a 20% discount on the services that help your brand grow. We are making it easier for you to access services such as brand identity development, digital/social media marketing, advertising, brand strategy and graphic design for less.

Insights and Resources

Get valuable and educative content from the iSupreme blog and social media platforms. Read weekly tips and insights on the best practices that will help you grow your brand’s presence, connect with your audience, increase brand affinity, drive sales and stand out among your competitors.

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