Distancing does not mean get distant

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In-person shopping at the mall, dining experiences at your favorite buzzing restaurant, events, seminars and conferences, banking at the banking hall, talking directly with the customer service representative at the enquiries desk, haggling with the vendor at the shop or market, taking tips from the customer, weekend getaways with friends and family, working out with the squad at the gym, seeing the movies with the “sweetwun” at the cinemas, jamming to your fav musicians live in concert and at the parties….sigh. At least this way the normal way of life then boom – the pandemic hit us.

We can all agree that the past year has changed our way of life. The pandemic with its resultant effects has rapidly influenced our way of living and doing business. With a lot of sectors including education, religion and business going virtual, it is easy to lose the touch which is naturally associated with in-person activities.

For businesses, the best time to engage with and get closer to customers and your audience is now. Due to social distancing regulations, businesses are deprived of the opportunities to create in-person brand experiences in shops, offices, brand events and activations or any other activities that were hitherto performed in physical spaces directly with customers and potential customers. But distancing does not mean be distant with your customers.

With more people spending time online, finding the best ways to reach and engage them virtually can be truly instrumental in keeping your brand at top-of-mind recall. Here are a few ways to get closer to your audience at customers while we are physically distant.

Provide helpful tips and resources.

Talk about what customers can do to deal with the outbreak. Helpful resources will boost your brand and delight customers and prospects.

Offer discounts and special promos.

Even a small gesture can make a real difference to your customers. If you can personalize the offerings, all the better.

Leverage live and video sessions.

Live streaming is a great way of interacting with and listening to your customers in real time. Helps build trust and boost your brand.

Show care and compassion.

Be emotional. This is the time to demonstrate your human side. Let your audience know you care and you are in this with them.

Have fun and join the conversation.

Through challenges, games, trivia, giveaways and engaging content, you can keep your customers glued to your brand online.


If you already have a working marketing plan during the pandemic, kudos. If you did not it is never too late to get on top of your game and increase your online activities. These tips can help you get closer to your customers and reach new audiences.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to develop a marketing strategy that helps your business maneuver and strive during the pandemic.