Introducing iSupreme for Startups

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Let’s be fair, thriving as a small business can be tough. Aside trying to get your product/services right, multitasking with a small team size, trying to get the most out of the very little or sometimes non-existent resources, learning on the job, seeking funding, trying to increase customers, users or clients, the business still got to grow a brand and connect with prospects through good marketing and advertising. This can be very hectic for startups that don’t have access to the right funding sources, resources, tools, insights and the right understanding of the marketing practices that can help their business take off to its intended heights.

Marketing and all other forms of marketing communication have become very important and so integrated in the growth efforts of businesses, it has become very difficult for any small business to succeed without any relevant marketing in place.

So we thought, why not create a one stop-solution that can help startups grow by offering these marketing services for cheaper or for equity as well as provide you with all the content, resources and tools you need to inspire you in your marketing and brand building efforts?

iSupreme for Startups, is a community-focused initiative to empower startups and small businesses by providing a solid foundation of benefits that help them grow their brands.

This solution propels iSupreme‘s mission to help grow the next generation of relevant brands by providing a startup growth that helps startups thrive in a fast paced digital era.

What does iSupreme for Startups offer?

  • Discounted Services – We partner with leading startup communities to offer discounts on selected marketing services to members of their communities.
  • Service for equity – We enable startups grow their business by offering our marketing services at no fee, until they get funded or start making profits, in exchange for equity.
  • Insights & Content – Our social and web content are dedicated to providing all the tools, resources and insights that inspire, guide and empower the brand growth of startups.
  • Community & Events – Community meet ups in collaboration with our partners and our monthly Magic Sessions help impact knowledge, inspire others and share experiences.

Let’s Get Started

If your interested in signing up for any of our offers, becoming a community partner,  joining any of our communities or upcoming events, signing up for our content or just want to know more of what we’ve got to offer in the coming months the visit the iSupreme for Startups website to get activated.