Partnering with brands to champion social causes

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Social issues affect many people in our societies and individuals, groups and organizations strive to help solve or at least make efforts to reduce the impact of these social issues. Some do this through their corporate social responsibilities, donations, awareness and sensitization campaigns, educational campaigns, forums and events, ad and social campaigns, articles, researches and other literary pieces.

Over the past two years we have partnered with brands and organizations that seek to champion some of these social causes in developing and running social campaigns to create awareness, educate and engage online communities on for a change.

We take you through some of the notable campaigns we produced, the objectives of the campaigns, results and impact.

1. Make We Talk The Matter

We partnered with C4AA and Osiwa to run a campaign meant to address the often unnoticed or negligible acts of corruption in our daily lives as well as calling out the more obvious acts by government officials and public servants.

Read more on the campaign here.

2. Stop The Stigma

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, iSupreme partnered with ChooseLife Ghana Foundation, a mental health focused non-profit to run a campaign to educate the public on the effects of stigmatization on COVID-19 patients as well as to protect the mental health of the general public through public education and conversations.

Read more on the campaign here.

3. If U Know U Know

We partnered with Campus Health, a youth health advocacy organization to create a virtual youth movement to discuss and understand issues relating to HIV/AIDS and sexual health, encourage the target audience to get tested for HIV, re-educate on HIV myths and help communities understand and embrace Persons Living with HIV.

Read more on the campaign here.

As a marketing/advertising agency, we are constantly looking for ways to use emotive communication, effective storytelling and  creativity to have communications on social issues by partnering with the brands and organizations that seek to make the world a better place.

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