Innovation Camp

Project Overview

The Delta Innovation Camp is an annual experiential education program organized by Junior Achievement to encourage creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving among university students. Innovation Camps provide an intensive experience for students to propose solutions within a limited time, given access to tools, information and resources to real-world business challenges. It is a cross-disciplinary, inter-institutional program with teams of students from diverse backgrounds who do not know each other having to adapt quickly and find out how to work together efficiently.

iSupreme was tasked with developing a brand identity for the 2020 edition of Delta Innovation Camp Ghana.

The Challenge

Junior Achievers Ghana came to iSupreme looking to elevate the Innovation Camp brand in a meaningful way. Specifically, Junior Achievers Ghan needed a brand identity that would:

  • Project the essence of the program and resonate and appeal to the target audience and all stake holders.
  • Meet the global brand standards of Junior Achievers.
  • Align with the brand guidelines of the Junior Achievers 100 years celebration brand identity.

Though various identities has been used for various editions of the Delta Innovation Camp in various countries, Junior Achievers Ghana wanted one so unique, strong and timeless it could be used for subsequent editions of the program.

The Solution

To create an identity that met the above stated requirements and standards, the iSupreme team decided to use a blend of strategy and design.

We developed a brandmark that depicted innovation and technology, which is the nucleus of the program. The logomark was creatively used as a brand device in all designs, marketing and communication materials to give essence to the Delta Innovation Camp brand and make it easily rcognizable.

The colors were carefully selected according to Junior Achivers’ global brand guidlines for their 100th annivesary. The colors wear creatively used to produces visually appealing graphics and marketing materials.

We stick to a minimalist design, allowing the brand device, colors, logmark and theme for the program do the talking.

The Results

The identity iSupreme developed truly transformed the Delta Innovtion Camp. It easily echoed the essence and theme of the Delta Innovation Camp and potrayed more the existing global Junior Achievers brand.

The identity was adapted for subsequent editions of the program and also became a blueprint  for the branding of the event in other countries Junior Achivers operate in.

It also gave all stakeholders a rejuvenated feel of the brand generally.





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