Project Overview

Rocomamas is an international fast-casual food chain known for their amazing smash burgers, ribs and wings. The food brands has foot prints in over 10 countries all over the world including countries like South Africa, Botswana, Oman, Saudi Arabia, India and Eswatini. As the brand wanted to expand their reach into West Africa by opening their first branch in Ghana, iSupreme was tasked with developing and executing a campaign to announce and launch the brand in a not so normal way while continuing to grow an online and offline community of loyal customers and “roc-stars”.

The Challenge

The restaurant space in Ghana is chocked. Every day, new restaurants sprout up in the capital usually with similar or even same offerings. Especially during a pandemic where restrictions do not allow restaurants to provide full in-person dining, it would be more difficult for people to try a newly launched restaurant with new offerings while creating a memorable experience that will instantly convert first-timers to returning customers. Too many offerings available to people during a pandemic that is restricting people from exploring new and different offerings meant we needed an unconventional way to gain attention and attract people to try the new and different offerings of the new Rocomamas in Accra.

The Solution

iSupreme embarked on a 6 months long 360 degrees marketing campaign to position Rocomamas as the coolest and trendiest restaurant for people of alternative lifestyle, taste and adventurous enough to try new and crazy menus. We developed a social-led strategy to create a buzz around Rocomamas and encourage people to be part of the new “Roc-Stars” tribe who are exploring the new lifestyle restaurant brand.

Our big idea, #NotNormal was brought to life through a combination of compelling social content, influencer marketing campaigns, user-generated content, out-of-home advertising, guerilla activations and in-person brand experiences. Our campaign was grouped in three phases; pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities.

  • Pre-Launch

To spark anticipation and suspense, we started the #NotNormal campaign to keep people hooked and asking question. We created teaser content for social media that featured prominent (not normal) landmarks in Accra clad in Rocomamas colors to scream “something is arriving in Accra soon”.

We created a video ad with  dancer and influencer, Incredible Zigi known for his alternative lifestyle since he embodied the unconventional lifestyle of the Rocomamas brand and possessed influence over the target audience. He shares his #NotNormal story in the video.

To further gain traction and attention online, we started the #NotNormal trend on twitter. Tweeps we asked to join the conversation by sharing why they are ‘not normal’ or in normal terms, different. The hashtag trend at number 1 on Ghana Twitter for 6 hours with over 1000 tweeps joining the conversation and sharing their #NotNormal stories.

  • Launch

Aside the social media buzz, we planned to paint Accra roco! Our guerilla flashmobs dubbed #Rocolution invaded major roads in the vicinity of the new Rocomamas. Dancers and skaters in Rocomamas branded shirts and flags appeared on streets and major traffics engaging drivers and pedestrians and distributing Rocomamas flyers to invite them to try the newly opened restaurant.

Rocomamas is already successful in other countries and has a reputation for providing one of the best and coolest food experiences. Based on this, we sent exclusive invites to select social media influencers, media personalities and celebrities to get the unique world-class Rocomamas experience and try the food before it is opened to the general public.

The influencers created a lot of content through social media posts, stories and reviews which instantly and rapidly garnered traction and attention for Rocomamas as the new kid on the block. The official Rocomamas Instagram page gained 51 new story mentions and over 1000 new followers on the first night.

The hashtag #RocomamasInGhana concurrently trended on Twitter as conversations surrounding the new hotspot in the capital was ongoing, spearheaded by social media influencers who have had first-hand experience.

Through a comprehensive PR program, iSupreme generated coverage and media placement on relevant news and online media websites. This tactic was meant to complement the loud announcement of Rocomamas, create a favorable perception of the coolest place to chillout in Accra, increase brand awareness and reach for the new brand and attract the youthful and adventurous target audience to try new offerings, meals and welcoming dining environment.

  • Post-Launch

After a successful launch, our primary objective was to keep the Rocomamas brand at top-of-mind recall and increase brand awareness through consistent and engaging online activities as well as reaching a larger target audience with out-of-home advertising and in-person experiences at the restaurant. With a perfect mix of creative content, user-generated content and influencer campaigns, we rapidly grew the brand visibility, online presence and followership which resulted in an increase in customers.

Our creative content stuck true to the brand personality and tone of Rocomamas – cool, funky, crazy, alternative and “not normal”.

Due to the kind of environment and ambience Rocomamas created coupled with the visual appearance of the food, customers always take photos for the gram. Our target audience, who are usually social driven and influenced to make purchasing decisions join the cult of people who have visited the new coolest place in town and post pictures of it on the social media platforms. We capitalized on this and share and repost their content to our platform. Others who see the cool ambience and food are influenced to try Rocomamas.


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To complement our social content, we run influencer activations where popular social media influencers engage with customers and their fans in-person at the shops and on Instagram Live.

To further drive massive awareness towards people we cannot reach on social media, to increase top-of-mind recall and drive traffic to the restaurant, we mounted billboards on major routes that led towards the restaurant. These ads with CTAs (Call-To-Actions) tell customers the location of the new Rocomamas and food offerings.


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The Result

Due to the partnership with iSupreme,  Rocomamas rapidly became one of the go-to places to chillout with friends, family and get a varied menu of good meals in less than 4 months. Rocomamas, a new brand introduced to the Ghanaian scene was able to increase brand awareness on social media and out of home exceeding expectations attracting both young and old food lovers to try its food and experience its ambience. In the first three months, in-shop customers at any given time exceeded the capacity of the restaurant. This led to the introduction of a delivery option to service customers who still want the Rocomamas experience out of the restaurant. The official Instagram page for Rocomamas grew from 0 to 7,000 followers in 3 months. Engagements and interactions also increased concurrently. By building an appealing brand personality, we created a cult of loyal customers who willingly wanted to be associated with the brand, individually created content for the brand thus increasing retention and referrals. We also managed to attract food bloggers, food content creators and other creators who wanted to collaborate with Rocomamas for features and to create content.

Generally, we successfully introduced Rocomamas to the Ghanaian audience by our strategy to attract customers through appealing and compelling content, engaging them with engaging brand experiences and converting them to loyal buying, returning and referring customers.

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