Stop The Stigma

Project Overview

We can all admit the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our social setting as well as the balance in our daily lives.

Some people have been affected by everything that is happening, psychologically. The lockdown and rapid change in our everyday life is causing some people to lose it pyscologically and emotionally. Also, people diagnosed of COVID-19 tend to be stigmatized in the societies they find themselves in, with people avoiding association of any form and mocking them.

iSupreme was tasked with developing an advertising campaign  to shed light on these issues.

The Challenge

Choose Life Ghana came to iSupreme to develop a campaign that would:

  • Educate the public on the effects of stigmatization on COVID-19 patients.
  • Protect the mental health of the general public through public education and conversations.

The Solution

We developed an advertising campaign that leveraged copy, graphic and imagery to illicit conversations and promote wellness in the wake of the coronavirus pandamemic.

The ad content created for this campaigned had a broad scope including:

  1. Educate people on the need to stop stigmatizing victims of COVID-19 by highlighting the effects of stigma on the patients, and throwing a challenge for people to pledge not to stigmatize and invite their friends not to stigmatize.
  2. Reduce fear and panic among the general public  through statistics and infographics.
  3. Promote self care during the lockdown and isolation period through the 9 days self care challenge.
  4. Encourage people to focus on the positive side of the pandemic through insipirational quotes.
  5. Engage people through engaging online activities, challenges and games as well as create conversations surrounding mental health and wellness during the pandemic.

The Results

The campaign which mostly happened online garnered quite some traction and visibility. People partook in our online challenges and games as an alternative source of entertainment during the period as well as enhancing their self care and mental health.

By using the trending hashtag #StopTheCovid19Stigma we were able to initiate conversations on the effects of stigmatizing victims and why people should desist from the act.

The ispirational quotes again encouraged people to look at the brighter side of the pandemic, thus taking their mind from the negative effects and consequently reducing fair and panic.


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