Startup Brand Accelerator

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In July, 2018 iSupreme Ghana, as a way to help emerging brands stand out in their various markets initiated a project dubbed the start up brand accelerator
C.E.O of iSupreme, Clinton Nyarkoh explained that, the project was started to help brands with low operational budgets market their brands without much cost.
One key aspect of the project is that clients have the opportunity of accessing the services offered by iSupreme at a cost within their budget, no matter how limited.
Despite the limited budgets, iSupreme still ensures that clients will enjoy all benefits that will creatively and strategically position their brands in the minds of their targeted customers.
The start up brand accelerator package includes, branding, digital marketing, brand experientials and advertising
According to iSupreme’s marketing manager, Walker Ohene, iSupreme’s benefit is a larger client base.
The project is still ongoing and the expectation is that young brands tap into the project to give their innovative ideas and brands the platform it deserves.
The message is simply this, give iSupreme your budget, and you’ll be awarded with the best positive results to put your brand out there.
The question is….What be your budget?

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