The Lazy Club Joins iSupreme

The Lazy Club Joins iSupreme 1024 575 iSupreme

iSupreme has acquired majority stake in The Lazy Club (TLC), the content hub that produces original Ghanaian pop-culture content “for people who don’t take life too serious.”

This agreement brings TLC under iSupreme, operating independently as one of its two major brand properties, the other being iSupreme+ which is still in its planning and development phase.

iSupreme has always been committed to growing the next generation of relevant brands and as such, aside our core marketing related services we provide for brands, we have been experimenting new products and solutions that solve the pertinent issues faced by small business especially. These small businesses rely on disruptive, innovative and valuable solutions to help them thrive and its imperative we offer them new ways to reach their customers, valuable marketing resources and insights, and innovative payment solutions to make marketing services accessible and affordable. One of such solutions we recently launched is iSupreme for Startups, an initiative that empowers startups and small businesses by providing a solid foundation of benefits that help them grow their brands.

Over the past months we have been working on building brand properties that create niche content people love, grow a loyal followership and devise creative ways brands can reach these audiences, interact with them and increase visibility and patronage for these brands. Our new association with TLC will jumpstart our efforts to making this a reality.

The Lazy Club in just a few months of operations have grown a huge and loyal following called “Club Members” who eagerly consume the relatable Ghanaian-context content published for the regular Ghanaian youth. The humor, sarcasm, creative storytelling and laid-back approach employed by the writers and creators of TLC are what attract more club members and sets TLC apart from other content hubs leading to massive engagements and interactions. TLC will help accelerate our work to help brands reach a large youthful audience gained through creating more fun and interest pop-culture for “lazy people.”

What does this mean for TLC’s Club Members?

By acquiring majority stake in TLC, iSupreme intends to make huge investments over a long period in giving club members better content. From recruiting more creative content writers and creators to making available iSupreme’s vast pool of monetary and capital resources, creative personnel, industry expertise and goodwill, we intend to give a new face and direction to TLC and the content it publishes.

Our investment in TLC as an autonomous brand will empower TLC and its team in creating more engaging and fun content, improve the ways club members consume content as well as expand the channels that TLC content are available on.

Beginning in March, TLC will roll out a new identity and more refreshing and exciting content that gives club members a variety of the favorite pop-culture content.

What does this mean for brands?

We are giving brands a new way of reaching their target audience. With a rapidly growing audience, TLC is uniquely positioned to help established brands and small businesses introduce their brands, products, services and offerings to club members in more creative ways. TLC will also partner with brands to create content and brand experiences that has the potential to increase awareness and visibility, start conversations, promote engagements and increase patronage or their products/services.

With iSupreme serving as TLC’s agency partner and our marketing prowess and expertise at TLC’s disposal, we will create branded content for brands and provide full-service support to advertisers and brands hoping to connect with their audience in a meaningful way, from full-service content creation to editorial sponsorships and unique content distribution.


This is part of our grand scale efforts to provide brands with more creative ways of growing through telling their story and reaching their audience while empowering TLC to give club members the content they love. Follow us on this journey as we share our progress with you.