What Can Brands Learn From Herbal & Medical Sellers on Buses in Ghana?

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What do brands and herbal sellers have in common?

Until you read this article your answer would have been ‘nothing’.

But after sitting in a bus that plies the Accra – Kumasi road, we noticed the creative tactics the herbal and medical sellers who are characteristic of these long routes employ in selling their products to an obviously uninterested target audience and buyers.

We made a thread on twitter of 5 tactics brands can learn from these herbal sellers in growing their brands.

Take a read!

So there you have it. If you are looking for what brands and herbal sellers have in common there you go.

Inculcating these into your brand strategy will help grow your brand, develop an emotional bond with your audience and provide them with more value.

What other tactics have you also noticed with these herbal sellers? Kindly comment below.

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